Heroes and heroics

Today I’ve been thinking about heroes and heroines of all kinds. So, here are my top three literary heroes:

Famous Five

1. George from the Famous Five. She, alongside Julian, Anne, Dick and Timmy the dog got into all sorts of 1950s scrapes that inevitably involved ‘Johnnie foreigners’ and ginger beer. George was in fact Georgina, but dressed, acted and lived like a boy. As a child she represented everything I wanted to be – I even berated my own mother for not giving me a name that could be shortened to a boy’s one…





2. Nick from the Line of Beauty by Alan Hollinghurst. He’s a really well written character, and it is through his eyes that we see some of the most significant events in the 1980s unfold. He manages to be both real and sympathetic, complex and likeable.



3. Scarlett O’Hara from Gone With the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell. This is one of those occasions where the book outclasses the film by some distance. This is a fabulous read and Scarlett’s character leaps off the page. She has so much to offer and takes us through the American Civil War with real honesty. She’s not very likeable, but she is without doubt a literary heroine of note!




Who are your literary heroes?



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