Four Movements: a cover story

What’s in a cover? Quite a lot really! When I published Four Movements, my first novel, in 2013, I was a novice in the independent publishing world. I designed the cover myself and did barely any promotion in the slightly misguided notion that a good book will be popular regardless. Five years older and wiser, I have learnt a lot! So, I’m going back to Four Movements and it’s fifty year saga, and giving it a facelift. Here’s the new cover. If you want to download it or order it in paperback, you can do so here.

I’ll be making alterations to the e-book in the coming weeks, and will bring print versions of it to the European Lesbian Literature Conference (ELLCon) in Bristol later on in August.

I love this new cover. It was designed by a brilliant designer, Rosie Collin, who also did the striking imagery on Her Shadow. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But of course cliches are there for a reason. All but the most naive know they make such judgements. It’s a story I love and it deserves a beautiful cover. I hope you like it!


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