You won’t believe it but…


…reviews matter. No, really, they do.

I’ve been really thrilled with the support of so many people, some I know, some I don’t. Her Shadow and now the new edition of Four Movements have been selling well, and some readers have been kind enough to let me know they have enjoyed reading them.

I am not a writer for the money or the fame (which is lucky), I do it because I have stories to tell and I want people to read them. Lots of people make their decision on what to read based on what others say, and even Amazon – where my books are available – gives more favourable promotion to books with good reviews. So this is a request really – if you have read either Four Movements or Her Shadow, please do take the time to leave a review. Just give the book a number of stars out of five, and then leave a sentence or two about your experience reading it, and voila, not only have you reviewed a book and had your own words published, you have also done me a favour!

What’s not to love?! Thanks in advance…


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