Four Movements

Four Movements is a labour of love, which is available as an e-book and paperback on Amazon.

A new upright piano arrives in 10-year-old Nancy’s life as her family leave the war damaged streets of London. The secrets it begins to reveal unravel as the instrument finds itself in a 1980s community centre. Throughout the 1990s and into the present day it bears witness to its owners’ trials and celebrations, telling an epic tale of love and grief.
In 1959, Nancy’s life changes dramatically when her family moves to a new town, Stevenage. Now there is room for a piano, Nancy loses herself in an imagined past of Mozart’s lesser known sister, while making unexpected discoveries of her own inscrutable mother’s history.
In 1989 the piano becomes a fixture in a women’s community centre in the town, in a time of personal strife for Martha and her friends. The politics of the era threaten the existence of the centre, and the future of this group of women.
A troubled young man buys the piano in 1997 and places it in his sparse flat at a time of emotional turmoil, as he becomes involved in the party political life of a town at the heart of the general election campaign.
By the time school girls Tamsin and Lauren find it in 2011, it has been long abandoned. They bring it back to life in a bid to forget the grief that holds them together.

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  1. Hi Sally
    That’s really interesting about Mozarts sister! One thing I like about writing is all the interesting things I learn whilst researching my novels! Any ideas when the book will be finished?

    Thanks for reading and following at my website. As well as my novel being published later this year I have a new writing project going out via Twitter soon. ll will be revealed at the end of August! I hope you’ll like it!

    • Thanks Dorinda. The ‘heart and soul’ of Four Movements is complete and I am now in the process of editing it – draft four trundles ever on…

      I look forward to reading more from you too!


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